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Luxury Homes for Sale in London

Luxury Homes London

Aspects That Define The Search For Luxury Homes

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The luxury home market has been revitalized. Projects paralyzed during the crisis have resumed, and new housing projects have begun in upscale areas. Limited products are being offered more and more, but they are in short supply due to their rapid absorption. In London, last year, sales in the city's premium areas increased by 60%, and prices rose by 3.6%.

Investors, business people, senior managers, and diplomats are the buyers of luxury property for sale London, but they have different tastes. Finalist clients are looking for a property to live in and are very demanding in terms of service and comfort. Investors are looking for profitability in both rental and rehab and subsequent sales. In both cases, they are buyers who have a deep knowledge of the market and are well-advised.

Indispensable for luxury homes

In the list of essentials that a luxury home should have, buyers place great importance on the environment in which it is located. They must be a major area of the city with all the services that buyers may need at any time of the day. Home interiors are essential for these buyers, but they have special value because the community must be exclusive and elegant.

The house may be luxurious, but the common area does not come with this excellence, so clients are very demanding on the farm level where the house is located. It is more important than the common area is in perfect condition than the house itself is in good condition.

When choosing Luxury Property for Sale London, buyers' qualities are location, layout, structure, floor height, scenery, and safety. The house's material can be changed and depends on itself, but the other properties depend on one, whether or not it has.

The million euro barrier

One million euros is a psychological barrier to the price a luxury home should have. There are different categories of luxury, depending on the price. Experts argue that it is the cost of square meters that must be evaluated rather than the house's final price. Luxury valuation affects the quality of the home, not the price.

High-quality materials and finish

In addition to the home's design and style, there are essential elements of a luxury home at Luxury Homes London. Noble forests, imported marble, designer bathrooms and kitchens, luxury appliances, and technology make your home comfortable and have all the services. The hallmark of luxury is the combination of materials to create an original, cozy, calm, and striking atmosphere. Among the details that make a difference is a kitchen with an external enclosure that isolates noise and cold and high-quality taps.

Maximum privacy

Needs differ based on whether you are in the city center or the suburbs, but maximizing privacy is common everywhere. For luxury buildings in the heart of the city, buyers want one house per floor or a community with very few owners. In the suburbs, luxury is the absolute privacy that a detached house offers. Large parcels are required so that there are no neighbors nearby, and you do not feel that you are being observed. You can browse at Luxury Homes London to know about property in London.

Luxury Homes London offers affordable luxury Houses for sale in Mayfair, Bayswater, Belgravia, Marylebone, Regent’s Park, St James, Notting Hill, St John’s Wood, Maryfair from £5 Million.

Luxury Homes London

Knightsbridge: A Destination To Have Your Dream Property

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Knightsbridge we can describe as a residential as well as the retail district of central London. Well in central London, Knightsbridge is known as one of the dream locations for people who wish to have a beautiful house in London. The presence of wealthy personages from varied parts of the world has made a noticeable enhancement to the status of this city. There are numerable considerations that you should know before you opt for moving into Knightsbridge.

• At first, you should know the location of this beautiful district of London. It is located at the east of Exhibition Road and west of Sloane Road. To the southern border of Knightsbridge, you will find all the famous gardens and squares like Lennox gardens, Ovington Square, etc. Having the dream property in this location is something we all desire for.

• If you are looking for houses for sale in Knightsbridge and want to become a resident here, it is necessary to know the economic feasibility of this district. The district is the hub of internationally wealthy notables. Hence, it is not uncommon to find expensive shops like departmental stores, branded fashion houses for garments and shoes, exotic bars and restaurants, etc. You will find the shops of globally acclaimed marques like Jimmy Choo, Prada, etc. It also leads to the existence of Banks that offer the necessary support to the residents here. Now, you are quite sure that the properties at this place will be a bit expensive. It is because of the locational advantage it offers. We will love to highlight the fact that the dream of having a property in this location will be possible only when you have the budget to afford it.

• Wherever you stay, you will always look for restaurants, pubs, hair salons, and spa, etc. The district Knightsbridge is the one-stop destination for you offering everything that you desire for. The place is home to world-class restaurants, bars, hair salons so that you don’t find any disruption to maintain your lifestyle. You can also visit the popular auction house, Bahama, in Knightsbridge.

• You will like the smooth transportation facility of this district. You can easily visit places like Hyde Park, The City of Westminster, The Royal Borough of Kensington because of the easy transport facility.

• The existence of Victorian architecture and charming gardens are significant reasons why this place is desirable for the residents. Every area has its distinctive look, and you will love them. Since 2000, the local authority has made changes to the policies and has started permitting a roof terrace as well as an extension of the basement. People get a place for leisure at the residential houses, and the inhabitants feel more relaxed living in those houses.

Those are a few facts that you should consider before buying a Luxury Property in London. We are sure that you find this location one of the best in London city. You can surely buy a property here. For a reliable list of houses for sale in Knightsbridge, connect with the experts of Luxury Homes London.

Luxury Homes London

Easy Ways To Sell Your Properties in Hampstead

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Hampstead, located in North London, is famous for its cultural richness, literature, and music, etc. This unique feature has made this city popular among many investors from various parts of the world. If you are having any property in this location, and looking for options of Property for sale in Hampstead, then it’s possible to get a handsome price for the same. It will be easy and simple if you can follow the tips mentioned below.

• If you are willing to sell your property, it is necessary to take a look at your house from the buyer’s point of view. Every room in the house is for some specific purposes, and hence before you opt for selling your property you need to check the relevant areas like

1. Light

2. Cleanliness

3. Free from clutter, etc

• In London, many residential houses are there, which are termed as blue plaque properties. These properties have excellent historical value. So, if your property is also denoted as blue plaque, then you need to think about the price of your residential building twice. Normally, a house with a historical background will get more advantage in the real estate market. If you are still not sure about the price of your property, then seeking the advice of real estate experts will be the right decision for you.

• Your property will always get an excellent sale price if it has a garden adjacent to it. Buyers will always prefer a residential property along with a garden. It has also been noticed, that many customers wish to pay an additional amount for a well maintained outside or outdoor space. So, if you also have a garden in front of your house, then keep some pictures of the garden with you. You can show the same to buyers or for uploading at the property listing sites.

• If your property lies within the listed properties in Hampstead, follow the restrictions mentioned here. It is not uncommon that your property will need grooming before the sale. But to do that you need to make sure, that this process will not disturb the original appeal of your house. So, while you are revamping the property, never eliminate those parts which can make the property attractive and unique to look at.

• Parking rules in certain areas are strict, and the officials are vigilant too. But the buyers of a property may not always be aware of these rules and regulations. Hence it is your responsibility to research more on these rules and educates the customers about them. You should also let your prospective buyers know about the easy and legal ways to acquire a parking permit.

There are countless real estate agents in the city to help you in listing your property and get the deal finalized at a price beneficial for you. But in case you want the services of the best services providers of the industry for your Property for sale in Hampstead, then avail of the services from Luxury Homes London.  We are sure quality services and professional dealing of the experts of this company will surely impress you.

Luxury Homes London offers affordable luxury Houses for sale in Fitzrovia, Bayswater, Mayfair, Belgravia, Marylebone, Regent’s Park, St James, Notting Hill, St John’s Wood, Maryfair from £5 Million.

Luxury Homes London

Bayswater: Dream Place To Buy Your Dream Property

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Bayswater is having a population density of almost 17500 per square kilometer, is an area within the City of Westminster in West London. Among the various cosmopolitan areas in London, Bayswater is the most popular one. Inhabitants of this place are of diverse nationalities. Hence, everyone feels glad to have a property in Bayswater.

Properties in the Bayswater region of the city were constructed during the 17th and 18th centuries. Most of these houses were designed beautifully. You will find stable on the ground floor and domestic apartments in the upper parts of the building. These houses are still maintained well and look extremely attractive. So, you can check the property for sale in Bayswater and buy the one suitable for you.

If you wish to buy your property in this city then you should know the reasons which made this place vibrant to live. The area always stays lively because of restaurants, bars, pubs, shopping malls. So, plenty of things to do in this area in London. Bars here are just great as these offers both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages. In addition to decorated and pleasant restaurants, you will also find some exotic curry houses. These places are famous for offering exotic dishes of India, Arab and North-African.

Many say about the exotic nightlife in Bayswater. Once you are here, you will surely enjoy the social life at night with lots of fun and entertainment. Whether it is the lavish Victoria club or the Duke of Kendall, everyone has something to enjoy in these places. At Duke of Kendall, you will enjoy a completely different Sunday night. Here live music shows in a group are arranged.

You can also spend your leisure time in the pub, Mitre. To date, the pub maintains its historical image together with a mosaic floor. Some believed that this pub is haunted. So, if you are adventurous, you will find something interesting here. Apart from these, you will find a long list of bars that offer all-embracing and innovative brew. Hence, buying a property here in Bayswater will give your life a new era of enjoyment.

Are you looking for the best real estate agent in the industry? These agents can help you to find the desired luxury property for sale in Bayswater.  For that, a bit of research is a must. Many reputed real estate firms are offering the best services in finding affordable properties at Bayswater. We insist you compare the reputation and experience of the company before you think of availing services from them. One of the trusted real estate agents on which you can surely bank upon is Luxury Homes London. You need to share the specifications of the houses matching your requirement. The professionals will search for the property will be done based on that. This agency manages to earn a great name and fame for its outstanding support and services for the clients. Connect with the experts of the agency today and find your dream home.

Luxury Homes London offers affordable luxury Houses for sale in Belgravia, Bayswater, Mayfair, Marylebone, Regent’s Park, St James, Notting Hill, St John’s Wood, Maryfair from £5 Million.

Luxury Homes London

Top Reasons To Invest In Properties in Marylebone

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Historically and the culturally enriched city London offers a beautiful assortment of many villages. Most of them have grown up over the years and have emerged out to be a desirable place for people to accept as their place of residential stay. Among them, Marylebone is the most pleasing and welcoming place to live in. 

Marylebone is one of the chic residential zones offering a village-like feel, positioned in the middle of the indie boutiques as well as smart restaurants of the Marylebone High Street.

The city is named after the St. Mary Church placed on the bank of River Bourne. You can search for houses for sale in Marylebone if you are planning to become a resident of this city. There are many listing sites which can offer you the details on the same. Lots of reasons are there, for which people not only from London but also from other parts of the world like to have their property here. Let’s check what the viable reasons are.

• At first, everyone loves the cultural and architectural richness of Marylebone. The Victorian and Georgian architecture attracts both local as well as international buyers. You will feel exotic while you start living in a redbrick mansion. If you are in search of properties having modern touch, you will easily get the one with a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

• It is an exotic place to dine. You will always want to make your weekends special by visiting bizarre restaurants with friends and family. Marylebone is the hub for some best restaurants in London. These are located adjacent to the roads, and hence these are easy to find. You can also enjoy your vacations having hot coffees in the coffee shops in Marylebone.

• This city is characterized by some popular streets like Baker Street, Wimpole Street, Harley Street, etc. Queen Anne Street is the famous cross street that makes the connection between Welbeck Street and the northern end of Chandos Street.

• You will also love to live here because of the presence of ancient Nottingham Place. You will find the redbrick building exotically designed on the Marylebone Road.

• Whenever you are planning to shift to Marylebone, it is necessary to know the transport facility in this city. Easy transportation has made it possible to take you to the Convent Garden and West End. Tubes will take you to Bond Street without any hassle. The famous Regent Park is located close to Marylebone.

Those are certain feasible reasons that have attracted buyers from all parts of the world to buy properties here. Well, we will also love to add that these are not the only reasons for which you should think of buying property here in this location. The architectural quality of the houses is also equally good and you will get a good price if you wish to sell your property here in this location. So, from an investment point of view to it is a good place for buying property. Seek the assistance of the real-estate experts for Luxury Homes in London.

Luxury Homes London offers affordable luxury property for sale in Mayfair, Bayswater, Marylebone, Regent’s Park, St James, Notting Hill, St John’s Wood, Maryfair from £5 Million.

Luxury Homes London

Why Buy a Residential Property in Regent Park, London?

3 min read

Recently, many potential buyers globally are showing interest in investing in the properties of Regent Park. There needs to be some reason which encouraged global property investors to consider this area of London as an excellent investment option.

Well, Regent Park is one of the most popular imperial parks in London. In case you are interested in having a property here in Regent Park, you can search for houses for sale in Regents Park. Here you need to know the reasons that are encouraging people to buy property here. Continue reading to learn more in this regard.

• The property prices in Regent Park witnessed a sharp hike in the last one-year time. The real estate agents hope that the market will grow better in the future, and the increasing price is a clear indication of the same. The reason for such a price hike is the enhancement in huge demand. In addition to this, it is the location and cultural richness of this place, attracting many to invest here. We recommend you to compare the prices of the properties before you select one for your purchase. The property rates should be checked at the earliest before they reach out of your capability.

• The architectural beauty of the properties here is perfect to impress a prospective property buyer. If you do research, you will find nine villas that are built, in the park. The villas which are close to the western and northern edges of the park are

1. Hertford villa: In 1930, the villa was rebuilt as Winfield House. Presently, it is the residence of the American Ambassador.

2. Nuffield Lodge: Previously, the house was owned by Robert Homes and Court. At present, it is the private residence of an Oman family

3. Hertford House: It is presently owned by Regent’s Park College.

• Investors prefer to buy property in this location for the excellent communication system. There are five underground stations which are situated near Regent Park. These stations are Regent Park, Baker Street, Great Portland Street, Warren Street station, Marylebone. The railway stations near to this location are Camden Road and Marylebone. So, you can say that Regent Park is very well connected with the rest part of London.

• Regent Park is famous due to its terraced houses. These houses are great examples of great English Townhouses. If you wish to have one in your possessions, then seeking the help of professional experts in the real estate industry will help you.

Flats or apartments of 3 or 2 bedrooms are easily available here. Here you, just need to get in touch with reliable estate agencies to buy your desires property. Indeed, likes and dislikes in the selection of property in Regents Park vary from one to the other. You should consult a reputed real estate firm to guide you in choosing the properties based on your budget and specifications. In case you are in search of one of the best service providers in this field, then connect with the experts of Luxury London Homes.

Luxury Homes London offers affordable luxury property & Houses for sale in St Johns Wood, South Kensington, The West End, knightsbridge, Hampstead, St James, Bayswater, Marylebone, Mayfair from £5 Million.

Luxury Homes London

Investing in Notting Hill Is Right Or Wrong?

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Notting Hill is one of the vibrant yet trendy zones and the district of West London, having casual cafes that are lined across the bohemian Portobello Road. It is popular for the busy market areas it houses which are selling antiques as well as, vintage fashion. The place is not only the home for culturally rich people and politicians but also the place has many more things to offer.

People already residing in this area for a long time, love this place because of its cosmopolitan culture. Are you looking for an ideal property that you wish to buy in this location for your residential needs or investment purpose? If yes, you can also take a look at the houses for sale in Notting Hill and end up buying one matching your budgets and residential specifications. Let’s take a look at the prime attractions that have made this place awesome to reside in.

• You will feel glad about noticing the cultural diversity maintained here. This is also celebrated every year at the biggest carnival in Europe.

• Residents love to stay here for a long time, and lots of potential customers are still in the queue to buy properties here. It is because the place is situated near famous parks like Hyde Park, Holland Park, Kensington Garden, etc. Once you are here, you can reach the gastro-pubs, outlets for organic food, etc. 

• The place offers innumerable numbers of restaurants which offer exotic dishes. You will feel relaxed and refreshed once you visit here at the weekend. This place is said to be heaven for the shoppers. Easy access to designer boutiques, shops of luxurious brands, makes the residents extremely delighted. Portobello Road is near Notting Hill, and this place is famous for weekend markets and antique shops. So having a home in this location will be a definite advantage for you.

• Other than buying a home in Notting Hill, people also opt for hiring a house for rent. As a tenant, you will surely love the busyness of the streets. You will also feel delighted once you step into the Supermarket or weekend market stalls.

• You will enjoy the Notting Hill Carnival organized by the Caribbean people who stay here. They are citizens here since 1950, and this carnival is arranged every year in August. It continues for two days.

• The transport service in Notting Hill is also satisfactory. It is situated within the Royal Bureau of Kensington and Chelsea.

So, buying a property in Notting Hill is a wise decision. The problem may arise when you need to decide on the area of Notting Hill you will buy the property. All you need is the help and assistance of professional experts of the industry having complete knowledge about the area, and the available property on sale. You can seek the assistance of the experts of the Luxury Homes London team in this regard. The company is having years of experience in the industry and can help you find the right property at an affordable price. 

Luxury Homes London offers affordable luxury property & Houses for sale in South Kensington, knightsbridge, Hampstead, St James, Bayswater, Marylebone, Regent’s Park, Mayfair from £5 Million.

Luxury Homes London

Few Facts To Know For Buying Properties In Holland Park

3 min read

Having a property in Holland Park in London will allow you to enjoy the sophistication and richness of culture. You will love to be here surrounded by exotic villas, stylish restaurants, and more. Here you will be delighted to know more about the property for sale in Holland Park and related considerations before you opt for buying. Having a property in the Holland Park area of London is no less than a royal experience.

Location: Holland Park is located on the western edge of central London, and it is an area of Kensington. You will love the picturesque tree-lined streets and hefty townhouses that existed here.

Post town and Postcode: The post town of Holland Park in London and the postcodes are W8, W11, W14.

Properties for sale: If you opt for buying properties in Holland Park, you will notice a wide range of flats and houses are available for sale. Most of these houses are located in close vicinity to the park. Buyers will love the stunning architecture of these buildings.

Renting a property: Other than selling a property, you can also opt for taking a property on rent. Reliable local agents will help you to find suitable townhouses or flats for rent. These properties are situated near boutiques, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. The properties, that are situated on Addison Road or Ladbroke Grove region are popular for renting purposes. You can consider it as a good investment option.

Feel the tranquillity: Once you are here, you will fall in love with the serenity of the tree-lined streets in Holland Park. This feature has made this place distinguished from its vivacious neighboring cities.

Excellent transportation: Easy and fast transportation has made Holland Park a popular place for residents. The underground Central line will take you to the West End. You can take buses to reach Central London without delay. The motorways like M4, M40, etc. will help to move into or out of the capital easily.

Holland Park has its charisma in welcoming people to this region and a village-like atmosphere. Butchers, grocers, work independently, and you can easily access your required products from them. The shopping centers here offer one-stop shopping solutions to the residents. The societal life is also extremely charming with the presence of open-air opera houses. Properties on sale or rent are listed with the leading real estate sites, and you can take advantage of the same to find the dream property for you in Holland. Do you want to crack the deal to buy a property for sale in Holland Park at an affordable price fitting your budget? If yes, then search for the best real-estate agency dealing in the properties of this location. If you look for our suggestion, then we will take the name of Luxury Homes London.  This agency is having years of experience in the industry. It helped many people in buying the best properties in Holland at a price fitting into their budget. For more information about their services, feel free to connect with the experts of the agency.

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Luxury Homes London

Buy Properties in Fitzrovia for the Best Investment Option

3 min read

Fitzrovia, the iconic district in West London, was often overlooked in the past because of many well-known cities like Soho, Mayfair, etc. But at present, the city has made some amazing innovations in varied fields. The city has embarked as the hub for big businesses. The tech giant Facebook has established its headquarter here. The significance of this district improved a lot in the field of business, technology, etc. Because of increased popularity, investors from various parts of the world are now keen to invest in the real estate market of Fitzrovia. We cannot deny that for the mentioned factors, the price of the properties is little at the higher end.

Fitzrovia is quite popular for historical significance too. The district emerged out as one of the most happening locations for different types of businesses primarily because of its’ location. The city is located close to places like Soho, Mayfair. If you are keen to buy your dream house here, then we suggest you get information about the property for sale in Fitzrovia. Online listings of properties are available on various platforms, which you can go through to get an idea about the prospective properties available on sale matching your preferred location.

Reasons why you will buy your property here

Many will speculate why this district is considered one of the most desirable locations for investors. Besides being in the convenient vicinity to the cities like Soho, Mayfair, Fitzrovia has made excellent development in transport and communications. The connectivity between the stations like Goodge street station, Tottenham Court Road Station, Oxford Circus Station, is magically fast, and people can reach there within no time. Faster transport facility is undoubtedly one of the most significant reasons to attract more investors in the city. It has made it possible for the residents to reach other cities and districts like Manchester, Liverpool, Brussels, etc easily.

The acceptance of this city for real-estate investments has also increased due to the existence of reputed educational institutions like the University of Westminster, University of London, Royal Anthropological Institute, etc.

Lots of development works already done by the Government here in this location. Most of these have been accomplished or are in progress. The local authority here is paying attention to the development in the real-estate sector. This planning includes a massive development in all major real estate sectors such as commercial, residential, institutional, etc. Hence it is a good option if you are planning to invest in buying properties here in Fitzrovia.

Are you looking for the best Luxury Estate Agents London who can guide you or assist you in finding the property for sale in Fitzrovia? If that is so, then we are sure you will come across many such service providers ready to assist you. One of the best companies in the industry on which you can surely bank on is Luxury Homes London. Connect with the experts of the company, and we are sure you will get the best advice and assistance in discovering the ideal property for this location.

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Luxury Homes London

Belgravia: Regency Architecture Of The Area Turns It An Ideal Destination For Buying Property

3 min read

Belgravia, the prosperous district of West London, is positioned between Chelsea, Knightsbridge, and Buckingham Palace. This district is famous for its dominance in architecture and the royal essence. The city was developed in the 19th century by the 2nd Marquees of Westminster, Richard Grosvenor. The lavish architecture and elegant garden of this city are as good as the exotic lifestyle. It is the reason that people from various parts of the world are opting for buying houses here. The buyers are not just from London but also from different parts of the world.

At present, the demand for houses in Belgravia has enhanced a lot. You can go through the details related to property for sale in Belgravia to get more information about properties available for sale here in this city. You will also find properties offered at a good discount if you know how to discover such properties. We can witness that almost 62 percent of the properties cost around USD 2.6 million. If you have the budget to invest in the properties of Belgravia then we recommend going for it.

The houses in Belgravia have their unique characteristic. Ostentatious terraces and white stucco houses are the main attractions of this city. Since the beginning, the district is considered the center of the fashionable residential city. Once you step into this district of London, you will realize the difference between Belgravia and other cities, in London. This location is quieter in comparison to other areas of London.

Before you decide to buy a property here, it is necessary to know more about the city.

• History: The name Belgravia originated from the village known as Belgrave. During the middle era, the place was also famous as Five Fields as these were used for cropping.

• Location: Belgravia is located in southwest London. Buckingham Palace is towards its south, and Grosvenor Palace situates to the west.

• Post Town and Postcodes: The city covers the two postcodes: SW1X and SW1W. The post town of this district is London.

• Belgrave Square: This is one of the largest squares in London. It was constructed during the 19th century.

• Price of properties: The price of the properties in Belgravia has decreased noticeably. At present, the per square foot price is £1,569, a drop from £1,966 in the year 2015. But the stamp duty and rate of tax for land have increased in the year 2012 and 2014 because of political indecision.

We hope you got an idea about Belgravia and the properties out there. But how to find the best property for you within your budget at Belgravia is a question that is difficult to answer. There are so many options, and getting confused is even easy for you. To make things simple for you, we recommend availing the services of a listing site or real estate agents to know about the available property for sale in Belgravia.

For the best experience, visit the portal of Luxury Homes London, and the services offered here are the best in the industry.

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