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How To Make Your Study Schedule To Get Best Grades In A-Levels

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At this stage of education, you need to make an effective study plan.   You should ask A- Level teacher about good grades. He will give the advice to make a study schedule.  Revision Timetable is the key to success.


How to make a study schedule

1.    Setting study goal for A-Level

ü  Motive you to study harder

ü  Boost your confidence when revising

ü  Guide you to create a perfect study plan

ü  Specific and measurable achievement is A-Level

2.    Establish short-term and long-term goals for study

It will be easier for all the students to make a study schedule if they know the final goal. You should set short-term and long-term goals. Short –term goals are passing a test in a week. Long-term goals are to achieve good grades in the A-level.  Make sure to get your goal in exactly time.

3.    List all the subjects that you need to study

The first step in making a study schedule is to make a list of all the subjects. You should put your obligations on the paper. You should list down all your courses in A-level.

4.    Figure out what you need to do each subject

You should write all the subjects that you need to study. You need to figure out the most difficult subjects. Write your all-time commitment in your schedule.

5.    Prioritize your list

After you have made a list of subjects that you need to study. Ranking each class is most important and will help you to figure out your subjects.

6.    Reserve time for non-academic activities

While pointing out time for each subject, you should point out time for your family and friends. Family and friends play an important role in your success. You should reserve time for events in your life. If you want to follow your timetable, you should keep in mind your social activities. Reserve time for rest, sleep and exercise in your study plan.

7.    Fill your study blocks

You should make blocs in your schedule. This will help you to keep in mind all the points. You should use a basic notebook. You should divide the amount of study into breaks. If you read a subject, you should fill blocks. It is another best tip that you should follow in order to gain good grades.

8.    Reflect upon your work ethic

 You should plan your schedule that is based on ethic work. This will provide you with a cushion about your deadline. You should reflect upon your work ethic.

9.    Take short breaks and sticks to them

Make sure to take a short break during each study block. However, this will provide present problems. You should not exceed your 5 to 10 minutes breaks. You should use your breaks wisely. You should play a game that can relax your mind.

10. Tell others about your schedule


Sometimes our schedule is hard to follow, because, some people make distract in our goals. In order to avoid this, you should tell others about your schedule.