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More Than 10 Approved Gene Therapies and Over 465 Product Candidates are Being Evaluated for the Treatment of a Variety of Disease Indications

Currently, there are 11 gene therapies that have already received approval / conditional approval. In addition, there are more than 20 molecules in the advanced stages of clinical development (phase II/III and above) that are anticipated to soon enter the market. Further, we came across 213 gene therapy products that were either approved or are being developed in clinical stages and over 271 early stage (preclinical / discovery) candidates that are being investigated for various disorders. It is worth mentioning that more than two third of the gene therapies are in the early stages of clinical development (phase I/II and phase I), indicating that this domain has significant opportunity in the mid-long term.

Most of the pipeline drugs (36%) use AAV vectors as their preferred delivery vehicle. This can be attributed to the fact that these vectors offer various advantages, such as high titer, mild immunogenic response, the ability to infect a wide spectrum of cells and safety over other potential vectors. Other key vectors being used for the development of gene therapies include (in decreasing order of their popularity) non-viral vectors (20%), adenovirus vectors (18%) and lentivirus vectors (13%). In addition, 33% of the clinical candidates are being developed to target various oncological disorders. Unlike the clinical pipeline, within the preclinical / discovery pipeline, metabolic disorders (19%) have emerged as the most prominent therapeutic area.

In terms of modification, over 50% of the gene therapy candidates are modified through gene augmentation. This technique involves the addition of a functional copy of the gene in order to produce the missing proteins. Further, close to one-fourth of the therapies are immunotherapies, while about 17% of the candidates are oncolytic therapies. It is worth noting that immunotherapies are the therapies that stimulate the immune system to attack various disease-causing agents. On the other hand, oncolytic therapies use genetically modified viruses that selectively target and kill cancer cells. In case of gene therapies, these viruses act as vehicles to deliver the therapeutic agent to the cancer site.

In terms of route of administration, the intravenous route emerged as the most popular mode of injection for gene therapies; close to 30% therapy candidates are currently being developed to be delivered through this route of administration. Other prominent approaches being adopted by developers for the delivery of gene therapies include subretinal (11%), intramuscular (11%) and intratumoral (9%). It is important to mention that the subretinal route of administration is primarily adopted by gene therapies intended for the treatment of ophthalmic disorders.

Over the past few years, big pharmaceutical players, such as Amgen, Novartis and Pfizer, have either launched their gene therapy products or have advanced their clinical candidates towards later stages of development; however, the current market landscape is led by start-ups and mid-sized companies that have multiple gene therapy candidates in their pipeline.

Majority (57%) of the companies in this domain are small-sized firms (less than 50 employees); examples of such players include (in alphabetical order, established in 2017 and 2018) Actus Therapeutics, Apic Bio, Aruvant Sciences, Lacerta Therapeutics, Neurogene, Passage Bio, Pattern BioSciences, Prevail Therapeutics, Urovant Sciences, Verve Therapeutics and Wyvern Pharmaceuticals. In terms of geography, 63% of the companies developing gene therapies are headquartered in North America; of these, majority are based in the US. This is followed by companies (43) located in Europe.


Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies[} Which Were Somehow Even Better Than The Original


Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies Which Were Somehow Even Better Than The Original


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Collected, 1 of the prisoners escaped from the prison in Krabi Province while escaping into the area. Along with many firearms - ammunition. Supervise the exam Prepare a press conference with representatives from the Department of Corrections tomorrow (10 Oct 20).

On October 9, 2020 from the case of two male prisoners who break out of the Krabi prison On the night of September 30th, it consisted of 32-year-old Anon Denmat male prisoners from Khlong Lu Sub-district, Kantang District, Trang Province, and the 47-year-old Monkhan Samarn male prisoner from Plai Phraya District, Krabi Province. A person is a large prisoner of drug trafficking. The police, together with the correctional officer, organized a series of pursuits to pursue their homeland, relatives and friends. Who thought the two prisoners would escape to seek help Along with a set of prizes for the arrest of 50,000 baht per personทางเข้า-ts911/


Two prisoners use blankets as a breakout device in Krabi Province, the latest, they are set to head 50,000,000
Today, dozens of officers are holding a blockade and arrest a 32-year-old male prisoner Anon Den Mad, a resident of Klong Lu Sub-district, Kantang District, Trang Province, with the authorities able to follow up and arrest, now fleeing into the area. Trang Province After finding out that Anon male prisoner fled to his girlfriend's house in Wang Maprang Subdistrict, Wang Wiset District, but was alert to escape from the house. Before the staff arrived But in the end, he was able to trace the raid to arrest himself

Within a local area of ​​Sikao district, together with a friend named Mr. M, who was accused of a drug arrest warrant Who is a friend of Mr. Anon With firearms More ammunition by the authorities to investigate to expand the results and to bring the prisoner Anon to a press conference on details tomorrow (10 October) with representatives from the Department of Correctionsทางเข้าts911/


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Online Quran Memorization classes can make you a Hafiz quicker
How Online Quran Memorization classes can help you become a Hafiz

Online Quran memorization schools have revolutionized the methods of memorizing the Holy Quran. They leveraged the power of technology to help students build a daily relationship with the Quran. Numerous people have achieved their memorization goals with the help of these online Quran memorization websites. How did they do that? Well, online Quran memorization classes have developed a system of principles and methodologies that has helped people achieve their memorization goals and potential.

Are you thinking of memorizing the Quran yourself? Join an online memorization course. Why? Take a look below.

How Online Quran Memorization classes can help you?

Online Quran memorization courses hire one of the best online Quran tutors in the business. They teach students in two main ways- as words using your verbal memory or as infographics using their visual memory. These are different mental processes and they achieve dramatically different results. But in online Quran memorization classes, both of these methods are combined to make the learning process simple. Online Quran tutors use pictures, slideshows, videos to provide a visual aid to students. Then they explain these infographics verbally. Online Quran memorization classes help you become a Qari by using various techniques to improve the concept of the students. Online Quran tutors spot the weaknesses of the students and use their experience to make them improve.

How long would it take to memorize the Quran?

The Holy Quran is divided into 114 surahs (chapters) that contain 6,236 ayahs (verses). Below is a table that gives a great overview of how long it would take if you read and memorize the Quran by memorizing a specific number of verses daily. Have a look.

Ayah (verses) per day Time period
5 4 years
10 2 years
15 18 months / one year and six months
20 1 year

Many people label memorizing the Quran as “impossible”. This is nothing more than an overstatement. Memorizing the Quran is a doable goal only if you plan it rationally. Memorizing the Holy Quran is a task that needs the utmost dedication of an individual. You need to define your goals.

The full attention of the tutor

This probably the best feature of online Quran memorization programs. You would be taught in a distraction-free environment. You would be the only student present in the class. You would have the maximum attention of the tutor. You also would not have to keep up with anyone, which is the case in group classes. If you are memorizing the Quran in Madrassa then you would have to keep up with the rest of the class otherwise you would fall behind. But that would not be the case in the best online Quran memorization classes.

Many students hesitate to ask questions in group classes as there are a lot of students present in the class. As the online Quran memorization for kids classes is one-on-one which encourages them to ask questions freely. This enhances their knowledge and helps them to memorize the Quran quicker.

Flexible schedule with no barriers

Everyone has responsibilities in today’s world. If you are a child or a teenager then you would have academic tasks. If you are an adult then you would have a job and family obligations. It is difficult to dedicate a specific time to memorize the Quran. That is why online Quran memorization websites offer a flexible Quran memorization schedule. You can memorize the Quran according to your convenience. You no longer need to follow a strict schedule to memorize the Quran. The timings of the class would be scheduled according to your preference.

You can attend these classes from any part of the world. There is no need to spend money on the commute as well. You can simply attend online Quran memorization classes from your home or work. All you need is a laptop or any gadget, a pair of headphones, and a speedy internet connection. So, what are you waiting for? Join any authentic online memorization website today and memorize Quran online.

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